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MALTA The undiscovered gem in the heart of the Mediterranean

Why Malta ?

Situated squarely in the heart of the Mediterranean, the archipelago of the Maltese islands has a population of 400,000 inhabitants over an area of 316 sq km. The three inhabited islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino are small, but beautiful and simply unique, combining idyllic surroundings with all the latest in technological, conference, and accommodation facilities.

As a destination for conference and incentive travel, Malta offers irresistible advantages; an all-year-round mild climate, internationally branded four and five-star hotels, state-of-the art infrastructure, and residents who are for the most part fluent in English and Italian, making communications easy.

Another plus is the legacy of the archipelago's colourful 7,000 year history: magnificent architectural monuments, including a considerable number which can be used as meeting and entertainment venues today.

What's more, the island is conveniently close-at-hand, no more than two to three hours of flight from most European capitals, served by major airlines and linked to main airports. Getting around is uncomplicated too, given the compact size of the islands, and the fact that they are very safe places to be. This means everything that the islands have to offer - and there is plenty - can be included in your event programme.

Highlights about Malta:

  • Good value for money.

  • Short distances between locations.

  • Mild climate all year round.

  • Historical venues for special events.

  • Several branded hotels within close proximity.

  • Well-equipped conference centres which can cater for up to 10,000 delegates.

  • Highlights in images:
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Malta Accommodation Options

Malta is home to many luxurious four and five star hotels. There are internationally known and trusted names such as Radisson, Hilton, Le Meridien, Intercontinental, Westin and Corinthia, together with individually owned and managed hotels.

All of these hotels pride themselves upon sophistication and quality of service. The state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment locally will continue to provide the excellent service offered during your meetings. Many 4 and 5 star hotels are located close to each other offering over 2,000 rooms within walking distance. This also makes Malta a suitable destination for accommodating large scale conferences.

MPE's relationship with the hotels on the island enables us to offer a sound product knowledge and secure the best possible offer for your event. This relationship stems from years of working with these properties which has enabled us to build up the trust and confidence of working with the most professional teams on the island.

Malta Venue Options

Malta offers a large variety of off-site venues including castles, palazzos, forts, towers and restaurants where you can hold your function. These wonderful historical locations offer a truly unique backdrop which will most definitely ensure a memorable event and one which will be talked about for years.

Other magnificent settings, guaranteed to make your occasion unique, include leisure theme parks, film sets, village squares, museums and exclusive sea-front facilities. Indulge your imagination; set the centenary bastions as your backdrop or rather float through the legendary Grand Harbour, whilst being serenaded by violins and entertained by spectacular fireworks.

Malta Culture & Heritage

What makes Malta unique is doubtlessly the rich heritage of its 7,000 year history, manifested in colourful traditions and magnificent architecture. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Malta drew foreign rulers and traders because of its strategic position in the Mediterranean.

Those who occupied the islands at one time or other left their mark, none more visibly so than the Sovereign Military Order of St John of Jerusalem, which ruled Malta from 1530 to 1798. The knights erected splendid buildings: palaces, churches, forts and awe-inspiring military bastions.

Some of Malta's architectural monuments make majestic venues for MICE events. What served the Knights as their Holy Infirmary in the sixteenth century is today's Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, equipped with several halls that are used for seminars and conferences of all sizes. Gilded palaces with landscaped gardens are also open for business, hosting meetings, product launches, dinners and other events.

These places and many others could provide an elegant and memorable setting for your events in Malta.

Malta Facts

Population: 410,290
Religion: Roman Catholic
Capital City: Valletta
Official Language: Maltese & English
Int. Dialling Code: +356
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 250 Volts A.C., 50 Hz (UK Triple Plug)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg air temp °C: 13 13 15 17 20 25 27 28 25 22 18 15
Avg sea temp °C: 13 13 13 15 17 21 23 25 22 19 17 15
Avg rainfall (mm): 96 62 35 27 10 3 0 7 69 69 116 109
Avg sun hours per day: 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 11 9 7 6 5

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